react-map-gl - Uber 开源的 React 地图组件

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react-map-gl provides a React friendly API wrapper around Mapbox GL JS. A webGL based vector tile mapping library.

WARNING: This project is still very new and the API may change. There also may be Mapbox APIs that haven't yet been exposed.


react-map-gl provides an overlay API so you can add visualization overlays.

Supported Overlays:

  1. ChoroplethOverlay
  2. ScatterplotOverlay
  3. DraggablePointsOverlay
  4. SVGOverlay
  5. CanvasOverlay


npm install react-map-gl --save


Using overlays

  // Add additional overlays here...

ImmutableJS all the things

The mapStyle property of the MapGL as well as several of the built in overlay properties must be provided as ImmutableJS objects. This allows the library to be fast since computing changes to props only involves checking if the immutable objects are the same instance.


To develop on this component, install the dependencies and then build and watch the static files.

To serve example app:

$ npm start &
$ open "http://localhost:9966/?access_token="`echo $MapboxAccessToken`

Where echo $MapboxAccessToken returns your Mapbox access token.

Once complete, you can view the component in your browser at localhost:9966. Any changes you make will automatically run the compiler to build the files again.


This project is not affiliated with either Facebook or Mapbox.

Example Data

  1. SF GeoJSON data from: SF OpenData.