GoogleClock:还记得 Google I/O 大会上那个惊艳的时钟么?

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An imitation of the clock in Google I/O 2016 . Almost all of the animations and images in it are made by the SVG , so this library may be a wonderful material to learn the SVG's usage in Android . Chinese ERADME is here .


GoogleClock My God ! Why it doesn't appear ... if you can't find the gif , visit here


You can install GoogleClock by adding the following dependency to your build.gradle:

allprojects {
        repositories {
            maven { url "" }
dependencies {
            compile 'com.github.lypeer:GoogleClock:1.0.0'


Simple Usage :

Just to add the GoogleClock to your activity's xml :

And then the clock will appear .

Complex Usage

Of course , you can do some configuration in the xml :

You can configure the following xml attributes for the clock :

attribute value type defalut value description
lyClockWidth dimen 0dp The size of numbers in the clock . But it's priority is lower than the below three attributes .
lyHourWidth dimen 48dp The size of the hour part in the clock .
lyMinWidth dimen 48dp The size of the minutes part in the clock .
lySecWidth dimen 32dp The size of the second part in the clock .
lyDividerHorizontal dimen 4dp The divider's width between the two number in hour , minute and snecond .
lyDividerVertical dimen 16dp The devider's width of the two lines (Hours and mintues are in the same line while seconds the other).
lyTheme reference LyTheme The custom theme .

Your can define a custom theme to change more in the clock , such as following :

You should let The custom theme's parent be LyTheme so that you can only override the attributes you want to change . If not , your theme must contains all of the attributes in LyTheme , or some view may can't work . LyTheme contains following attributes :

attributes value type default value description
lyColor0 color @color/colorRed The first color in the numbers .
lyColor1 color @color/colorYellow The second color in the numbers .
lyColor2 color @color/colorGreen The third color in the numbers .
lyColor3 color @color/colorBlue The forth color in the numbers .
lyColorColon color @color/colorDarkBlue The color of the colon .
lyThickness integer 4 Number's thickness .
lyColonThickness integer 1 Colon's thickness .

Ok , that's all about usage . There is a demo in the library .


  • org.greenrobot:eventbus:3.0.0


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