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Jointed.js: an Introduction

Make configuration jointed

ost build tools have a Javascript API accepting a plain Object as configuration.

In Javascript, it is easy to read Object, but difficult to modify one reliably, as explained here:

Why use jointed?
Clipped.js is directly integrated with Jointed.js , and recommends user to faciliate it. Reason to use jointed In…

Jointed.js applies proxy on clipped.config , which makes it fully jointed. You can still use it like a normal Object

Direct assign

But it really shines when you start making modifications later:

Not deep enough? ;)
Deep chaining

It makes configuration a lot more maintainable, since you will know setting target to ‘node’ and externals to nodeExternals() is for targetting Webpack towards Node.js


Even more features such as schema validation support, dotenv are still under development.

All official presets are under the ‘presets’ folder of the official repo.
Be sure to check out more about Clipped.js on its documentation website!

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