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Unfetter Discover web application and container resources. Visit unfetter.io for more information about Unfetter projects.

System Requirements

Mac (OSX 10.10.3+)


  • Docker Toolbox for Docker on Windows
  • Docker Compose is installed with Docker Toolbox
  • Follow the standard installation instructions for Docker Toolbox for Windows from the Docker website. Once installed, there should be a Docker quickstart, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and Kitematic shortcuts on the desktop


Windows 10 Pro (issues):

  • Windows 10 Pro and Windows 2016 has native Docker support. However, it can not run the Linux based Docker containers that Unfetter requires. Likely, using the Docker Toolbox approach described above will work.

The Project Setup

The entire application, Unfetter Discover, is made up of multiple of docker containers. Each build upon the other. We use Docker Compose to manage the startup and shutdown of all those Docker containers.

The GitHub organization [unfetter-discover] GitHub projects that logically separate the Unfetter Discover project. There are two ways to run Unfetter Discover:

  1. You can run all the containers from Docker Hub, without recompiling. This is recommended for most cases.

  2. If you are a developer and would like to build the Unfetter-Discover project from source, then you will need to clone all the repos in unfetter-discover and use the docker-compose.development.yml config file.

For more information about build types and run modes, see the Unfetter Build Types & Run Modes wiki.

Case 1: Normal installation, pulling from approved Docker Hub builds

In general, the Unfetter repos is the only repo you need. It has the docker-compose.yml file which will build and install all of Unfetter-Discover, leveraging the Docker Hub Images.

After following the directions below, you can navigate to Unfetter Discover with Chrome or Firefox at https://localhost/

Mac OSX and Linux

mkdir unfetter-discover
cd unfetter-discover
git clone https://github.com/unfetter-discover/unfetter.git
cd unfetter
docker-compose up

It will take few minutes for the Docker images to download and build.


For Windows, Docker Toolbox will install a virtual machine through VirtualBox and execute inside of that environment. There is a couple of steps that must happen.

  • Double click on the Docker Quickstart Terminal Icon on the windows. When, done, you will see a $ prompt.
  • Check the ip address of the Docker-machine now running. At the prompt, run "docker-machine.exe ip". The returning IP is the IP address of the docker machine, usually NOTE: If no IP address is returned, type "docker-machine.exe env"
  • Inside the docker machine, do the following
mkdir unfetter-discover
cd unfetter-discover
git clone https://github.com/unfetter-discover/unfetter.git
cd unfetter
docker-compose -f docker-compose.virtualbox.yml up

Case 2: OR.....build from local source files.

Create a directory to hold all the projects,

mkdir unfetter-discover
cd unfetter-discover

Next, you will need to clone four projects in unfetter-discover.


 git clone git@github.com:unfetter-discover/unfetter.git
 git clone git@github.com:unfetter-discover/unfetter-ui.git
 git clone git@github.com:unfetter-discover/unfetter-store.git
 git clone git@github.com:unfetter-discover/stix2pattern.git
 cd unfetter


git clone https://github.com/unfetter-discover/unfetter.git
git clone https://github.com/unfetter-discover/unfetter-ui.git
git clone https://github.com/unfetter-discover/unfetter-store.git
git clone https://github.com/unfetter-discover/stix2pattern.git
cd unfetter

Next, change directories into the unfetter directory, which houses the docker-compose.development.yml file, and run docker-compose

For MaxOSX and Linux

docker-compose -f docker-compose.development.yml up

For Windows

docker-compose -f docker-compose.virtualbox.yml -f docker-compose.development.yml up

By default, docker-compose.development.yml runs in a UAC mode that requires additional configuration. Setting up UAC for Unfetter is documented here.

If you wish to run it without UAC, you can disable it by editing docker-compose.development.yml and setting RUN_MODE=DEMO (Note, there are multiple instances of this variables.)

The Web Application

After running the docker-compose command you can view the application at:


Unfetter-Discover will create certs and store them locally. You will need to accept the certificates to move forward.


If you are interested in contributing to Unfetter, take a look at our more detailed Unfetter Wiki