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30 Swift Projects in 30 Days

01. Change Font

Change font by pressing button.

Use CocoaPods to manage frameworks, SnapKit for autolaying.

02. Timer

A simple timer tool

Use CocoaPods, SnapKit, Timer.

03. Pull To Refresh

Pull the tableview to refresh data

Use UITableView, UIRefreshControl, Date, DateFormatter

04. Emoji Slot Machine

A slot machine game using UIPickerView

Use UIPickerView to make the view, UILongPressGestureRecognizer to make a gesture to cheat.

05. Photo Viewer

A photo viewer using gesture to resizing.

Use UIScrollView to resize picture and display part of it.

06. Color Gradient

Change UIView color gradient.

Use UIPanGestureRecognizer, CAGradientLayer.

07. Swipe Row

Swipe on UITableViewRow, actions will display on the right.

Use UITableViewRowAction, UIAlertController.

08. Stretchy Header

Pull UITableVIew down, the header picture will resize.

Use UIScrollView - scrollViewDidScrol to get offset to resize picture.

09. Video Background

Spotify-like video background on UIViewController

Use AVPlayerViewController.

10. Tumblr Menu

Tumber-like menu. Use tap gesture to display a motion effect menu.

Use UIVisualEffectView, animate().

11. 3D Touch

Quick action with 3D touch press on home screen and peek view in app.

Use UIApplicationShortcutItem, UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate.

12. Spotlight Search

Search items in Spotlight.

Use CSSearchableItem to create an item supports Spotlight. Use CSSearchableItemAttributeSet to configurate it. Implement func application(_ application: UIApplication, continue userActivity: NSUserActivity in AppDelegate.swift to process after selecting a result in Spotlight.

13. Today Extension

Add today extension to Today View.

Use App Group to share data between App and Extension. Use NSUserDefault to save and load data.

14. Core Data

Use Core Data to save and load data.

Use CoreData kit. Define entity first. Use appDelegate.persistentContainer.viewContext to save and read data.

15. Photo Read & Save

Read photo from library and save photo to library.

Use UIImagePickerControllerDelegate to select photo from library. Use UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum() to save photo.

16. QR Code

Generate QR code.

Use Core Image, CIFilter to generate QR code.

17. Face Detect

Detect face in photo.

Use Core Image, CIDetectorto detect face.

18. Popover Menu

A Wechat-like popover menu.

Use UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate, PopoverMenuViewController.

19. Vertical Menu Transition

Customize naviation transition to present a vertical menu.

Use UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning, UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate.

20. Custom Transition

Customize transition to present view.

Use UICollectionViewDelegate . Use UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning to customize transition.

21. Circle Progress View

A circle progress view.

Use CAShapeLayer to create dircle progress view class.

22. Twitter Splash View

A twitter-like splash view.

Use CAAnimationDelegate, CABasicAnimation, CAmediaTimingFunction.

23. Floating Menu

A menu with floating item.

Use CGAffineTransform, UIVIew.animate().

24. Zooming Icon

Apply zooming animation to a icon.

Use UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning, CGAffineTransform.

25. Google Now UI

Display a Google Now-like interface.

Use UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning.

26. Snapchat Slip Camera

A Snapchat-Like camera view.

Use AVCapturePhotoCaptureDelegate, AVCaptureDevice, AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer.

27. Countdown Launch Screen

A countdown timer launch screen.

Use Timer.

28. Drawing Board

A drawing board that can save pic to system album.

Override touchesBegin() , touchesMoved to detect touch and save lines between touch points. Override draw() to display all lines.

29. Launch Guide View

A guide view at first launch.

Use UserDefault.standard to check if it is first launch. Implement UIScrollViewDelegate, use UIPageControl.

30. Apple Watch Game

A guess number game on Apple Watch

Use WatchConnectivity to transfer data between iPhone and Apple Watch.