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GitHub Trending Repos


Here you can subscribe to new GitHub trending repositories in your favorite programming language. Updates come as GitHub notifications once a day or a week.

How it works

  1. Every issue in this repo is related to a particular programming language
  2. You can subscribe to comments in the issue by pressing subscribe button button
  3. Scheduled script grabs trending repos per language on daily and weekly basis
  4. If there are new repos - the script drops a comment to the corresponding issue
  5. All issue subscribers receive GitHub notification in the web interface notification icon or by email


You can choose the following subscription types:

  • Daily: runs every day at 00:00 UTC, see issues labeled with trending-daily
  • Weekly: runs every friday at 03:00 UTC, see issues labeled with trending-weekly


Once a day (or a week) you get a notification in GitHub web interface:
Example of web notification

After click you are navigated to the first unread comment with new trends in the selected language:
Example of comment

Available languages

Many languages are available for subscription:

If you'd like to add new language - feel free to create issue by this template.


Watching the repo

If you start watching this repo - you will receive many notifications about all trends in all languages. The recommended way is to selectively subscribe on issues you are interested in.

Is it better than RSS / newsletter / etc?

It's a matter of taste. Personally I found it convenient by the following reasons:

  • I'm dealing with GitHub notifications anyway and trends are seamlessly integrated in my daily workflow
  • I can quickly overview trends without registering somewhere and watching ads
  • I can view non-english entries that are automatically translated


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