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Genesis Sample Theme

Github project link:

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the Genesis Sample theme folder via FTP to your wp-content/themes/ directory. (The Genesis parent theme needs to be in the wp-content/themes/ directory as well.)
  2. Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance.
  3. Activate the Genesis Sample theme.
  4. Inside your WordPress dashboard, go to Genesis > Theme Settings and configure them to your liking.

For Developers

The version of Genesis Sample on GitHub includes tooling to check code against WordPress standards. To use it:

  1. Install Composer globally on your development machine. See Composer setup steps.
  2. In the command line, change directory to the Genesis Sample folder.
  3. Type the command composer install to install PHP development dependencies.
  4. Type composer phpcs to run coding standards checks.

You'll see output highlighting issues with PHP files that do not conform to Genesis Sample coding standards.

Packaging for distribution

  1. Switch to the branch you plan to distribute.
  2. Run composer export to zip all non-development files as

The export command is an alias for git archive -o HEAD.

Theme Support

Please visit for theme support.