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Design Challenge Readme

Design Challenge is a directory of challenges created to test the processes and creativity of any designer in settings such as mentoring, hiring, and self-improvement of skills.

The core plan for the platform won’t change, and should always follow these super simple principles:

  • To be open and available for anybody, at any time.
  • To be a product of and for the community, with ideas shared on GitHub, Twitter, email and elsewhere.
  • To prioritize speed, stability, and security above all else.
  • To be updated with new challenges and features in an organic manner.


How to Contribute

There are a few ways to contribute to Design Challenge:

  1. By submitting ideas or flagging issues here on GitHub.
  2. By building ideas or fixing issues here on GitHub.
  3. Sharing a challenge by emailing, the writing guide is further down this document.


These people have provided valuable help on this project, please follow them and support their work as much as possible.

Front-end Development




Writing Guide

To ensure consistency and quality across all design challenges on the website, every submitted and published challenge should follow the same template.

Please ensure that all language in the challenges is gender-inclusive, such as them, they, and individuals. More examples of how to use gender-inclusive language are available at The Writing Center.

Visit to view live examples of challenges.


Title of Exercise

Short and simple, anywhere between one and five words.

Example: Lamp Product Page


One paragraph introduction to describe what the problem is to the reader. This will be used as the intro on

Example: Anglepoise has decided it wants to create a more compelling way for people to view, understand, and purchase their popular 1227 lamps.

The Task

One paragraph to describe the precise thing which the person should be designing for This should leave no ambiguity as to what the focus of the task is.

Example: Design a web-based product page or product list to encourage users to purchase the lamp. The description, price, and dimensions of the product should be highlighted, but think of compelling ways to get people to add the item to their basket.


One paragraph to explain any limitations there might be on the project.

Example: If you need to design a second screen to communicate your ideas, please do, but 2 screens maximum.

Deliverables and Expectations

A list of expectations for the project.

Example: Good usability, consideration for first- and long-time users, appropriate aesthetics for demographic, tone, mobile/touch paradigms, and an insight into the process (e.g. sketches, brainstorms, notes, wireframes, assumptions, research).

Privacy Policy

Above all else, is created to be open, honest, inclusive, and ethical, this includes how we treat your data. As such, we promise the following:

  • No tracking, logging, or cookies of any kind will be installed on or child pages.
  • If you decide to sign up for email updates, we will only ever send you announcements about this website and not sell, lease, give away, or use your data except for
  • We will always provide a clear and simple one-click unsubscribe link in our emails.
  • The site will never require registration and we won't require any of your data in order for you to use the website.
  • The site will always have a secure connection (HTTPS) to ensure that any data transferred is encrypted.

We are not experts in writing privacy policies, so if you see any flaws in this please let us know. It is not our desire to have difficult to read language anywhere in this experience.

The full privacy policy can be viewed on