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D2VPK: Reborn

D2VPKr serves as a repository watching changes in a subset of files for Dota 2. This repo is updated on a roughly hourly basis by an automatic script that pulls in files from Steam.

Due to limitations on the size of repositories on GitHub, we only track a subset of files. If there is a particular file you are looking for but it is not available in D2VPKr, we recommend checking SteamDatabase/GameTracking-Dota2 as they track a different subset of files.

This repository also runs automatic conversions on selected files from Valve's VDF format to an accessible JSON format. While the conversion is fairly stable, they may change from time to time. We encourage you to watch this repository if you rely on automatically parsing JSON files from it. We do not guarantee backwards compatibility, but we will try our best to notify users of any changes by creating an issue or pull request.

If there are any issues regarding this repository or if there are requests on adding different types of files, please create an issue on GitHub.


The source code in the root directory is © [Elo Entertainment LLC.] and under MIT license. The contents of files in extracted directories are © Valve Corporation.