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A CLI tool to analyze composer dependencies and verify that no unknown symbols are used in the sources of a package. This will prevent you from using "soft" dependencies that are not defined within your composer.json require section.

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Installation / Usage

Composer require checker is not supposed to be installed as part of your project dependencies.

PHAR file [preferred]

Please check the releases for available phar files. Download the latest release and and run it like this:

php composer-require-checker.phar check /path/to/your/project/composer.json


If you already use PHIVE to install and manage your project’s tooling, then you should be able to simply install ComposerRequireChecker like this:

phive install composer-require-checker

Composer - global command

This package can be easily globally installed by using Composer:

composer global require maglnet/composer-require-checker

If you haven't already setup you composer installation to support global requirements, please refer to the Composer cli - global If this is already done, run it like this:

composer-require-checker check /path/to/your/project/composer.json


Composer require checker is configured to whitelist some symbols per default. Have a look at the config file example to see which configuration options are available.

You can now adjust this file, as needed, and tell composer-require-checker to use it for it's configuration.

bin/composer-require-checker check --config-file=path/to/config.json /path/to/your/project/composer.json

Scan Additional Files

To scan files, that are not part of your autoload definition you may add glob patterns to the config file's scan-files section.

The following example would also scan the file bin/console and all files with .php extension within your bin/ folder:

"scan-files" : ["bin/console", "bin/*.php"]


This package is made available under the MIT LICENSE.


This package was initially designed by Marco Pivetta and Matthias Glaub.
And of course all Contributors.