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Add unencrypted, base64-decoded claims from a JWT payload as request headers to the upstream service.

How it works

When enabled, this plugin will add new headers to requests based on the claims in the JWT provided in the request. The generated headers follow the naming convention of x-<claim-name>. For example, if the JWT payload object is

  "sub"   : "1234567890",
  "name"  : "John Doe",
  "admin" : true

then the following headers would be added

x-sub   : "1234567890"
x-name  : "John Doe"
x-admin : true


Similar to the built-in JWT Kong plugin, you can associate the jwt-claims-headers plugin with an api with the following request

curl -X POST http://localhost:8001/apis/29414666-6b91-430a-9ff0-50d691b03a45/plugins \
  --data "name=jwt-claims-headers" \
  --data "config.uri_param_names=jwt" \
  --data "config.claims_to_include=.*" \
  --data "config.continue_on_error=true"
form parameter required description
name required The name of the plugin to use, in this case: jwt-claims-headers
uri_param_names optional A list of querystring parameters that Kong will inspect to retrieve JWTs. Defaults to jwt.
claims_to_include required A list of claims that Kong will expose in request headers. Lua pattern expressions are valid, e.g., kong-.* will include kong-id, kong-email, etc. Defaults to .* (include all claims).
continue_on_error required Whether to send the request to the upstream service if a failure occurs (no JWT token present, error decoding, etc). Defaults to true.