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The Http Pipeline is a HTTP request handler similar to a pipeline.

It makes it easy for us to develop a variety of HTTP Network Service components based on aspnet core. For example, API gateways, proxies, reverse proxies, response caching, load balancing, and more.

We can see many network services and components as a combination of a series of more basic components. for example:

a LoadBalanacer can be seen as a combination of Forwarder, Balancer and Emitter.

Forwarder -> Balancer -> Emitter

Forwarder receives and sends requests to the server and forwards them to downstream pipelines.

Balancer distribute request to different downstream pipelines in accordance with the rules.

Emitter sends a request to the server and returns the response

We just need to write code like this.

    // This method gets called by the runtime. Use this method to configure the HTTP request pipeline.
    public void Configure( IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env )

      app.UsePipeline( pipeline => pipeline
          pipe => pipe.RewriteHost( "" ),
          pipe => pipe.RewriteHost( "" ),
          pipe => pipe.RewriteHost( "" ),
          pipe => pipe.RewriteHost( "" ),
          pipe => pipe.RewriteHost( "" )


So, an API Gateway looks like this:

Forwarder -> AuthenticationFilter -> Router & Rewriter -> Balancer -> Logger -> Emitter

You can create your own network services with any combination of these basic components.

have fun.

performance test result:

  • 40% less average request time compared to Ocelot
  • more than 25% rps compared to Ocelot

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