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Angular Checklist

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🤔 What is it?

Angular Checklist is a curated list of items that we believe every application should follow. Over the past couple of years, we have been doing a lot of code reviews and have often seen the same mistakes being made again and again.

That's when we decided to create Angular Checklist.

It's a curated list of best practices to avoid some common pitfalls.

Therefore, we transformed a bunch of best practices and common mistakes into todo items.

The idea is that for all your projects, you can go over the checklist and see which items your projects already comply with and which you still have to put in some more effort!

To keep track of your progress, every group has a progress indicator which tells you how many items you have already checked. If the pie chart has been completely filled, congratulations 🎉 ... your project will definitely be on track to success 🏆!

👨‍💻 Who is behind this project?

This project is brought to you with ❤️ by Dominic Elm and Kwinten Pisman.

👷 Want to contribute?

If you want to add a checklist item, file a bug, contribute some code, or improve our documentation, read up on our contributing guidelines and code of conduct, and check out open issues as well as open pull requests to avoid potential conflicts.

📄 Licence

MIT License (MIT) © Dominic Elm and Kwinten Pisman